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Conveyor Dryers

Conveyor Dryers are an integral step in the production of many foods, breakfast cereals and chemicals.

The CABE conveyor dryer is a modular design that can be configured for the requirements of different applications. The tailored solution can be configured as single or multi-stage drying, which can be subdivided into multiple independent heating zones with alternating airflow direction.  

- Single stage

- Multi-Stage

- Multi-Pass

- Upwards airflow

- Downwards airflow

A selection of accessories can be specified according to application.

Like our other equipment, we focus on operation, cleaning & maintenance.

Heat Source

The Tri-Pass Dryer can be specified with different options for heating:

- Direct heating – Gas burner

- Indirect heating – Steam, Electric heating, Thermal Hot Oil

Controls & Wiring

Each conveyor dryer is pre-wired at the factory, with integrated controls supplied as standard using Siemens as the basis. Alternatives are available on request.

The PLC controls provide an up to date approach to operation with user defined recipes to ensure consistent, repeatable and safe processing, with intuitive HMI and the option of different language.  

Professional control software with multi-level access:

- Operator

- Engineer

- Technician

Product Sectors

- Ready to Eat Breakfast Cereal - Traditional and Extruded

- Nut roasting

- Clay drying

- Snacks foods

- Rice cakes

-Pet foods

-Animal Feeds

Enquire Today

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