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Our products' flexibility plays a key role in shaping your manufacturing success. CABE offers a technical solution to suit every application.

Greater Flexibility, Better Results

The manufacturing sector is incredibly diverse, with different applications bringing along their own unique challenges. As a one-stop shop for product processing solutions, we offer the flexibility you need to achieve manufacturing excellence. Our products are ideally suited to the manufacture and processing of:

Potatoes are a mainstay of UK food manufacturing, and our products support potato manufacturers throughout the production process. From conveyors to seasoning systems, we can help you turn great ingredients into the ideal end product.

Designed and constructed with hygiene and durability as the central focus, our conveyor systems ensure the highly efficient handling of vegetable products. Suited to the throughput of all types of vegetables, we make vegetable processing straightforward and efficient.

Looking to process fruits in a hygienic, efficient and cost-effective way? Whatever the setup of your current production line, our conveyors can be adapted to suit you. Ideal for the handling of all manner of fruit products, they deliver exceptional hygiene, minimal maintenance and maximum value.

Snacks come in many forms, but high-quality ingredients and exceptional flavour are central characteristics. Whether you're looking to drive processing efficiency or expand your ability to apply flavourings and coatings, the CABE product range delivers in each of those areas.

Cereals are some of the most common products to roll out of the production line, and our conveyors can help you process cereals more efficiently. Offering a controlled, hygienic and time efficient method of transport, our conveyors can positively impact the quality of your output.

Like many other products, the safe processing of meats and poultry requires manufacturers to adhere to the strictest health and safety regulations – and this extends to the technical equipment they use. Hygiene takes centre stage throughout CABE's entire product line, offering both efficiency and peace of mind.

Protective packaging is used for virtually every product imaginable, presenting manufacturers with the challenge of packaging products as efficiently as possible. Our range of conveyors and packaging solutions helps them do just that, offering maximum flexibility, durability and value.

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If you'd like to find out more about any of the products or services offered by CABE, don't hesitate to get in touch with us today. Call one of our team members on +44(0)116 276 0938, send us an email via or complete our contact form.