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EN 1090-2 Access Platforms & Gantries

The nature of the industrial sector means businesses are required to offer secure access to employees working at height, and strict health and safety regulations exist to protect the wellbeing of workers exposed to these environments. 

CABE provides a variety of high-quality access platforms and gantries in line with the EN 1090-2 accreditation – the European standard for the technical execution of steel structures. As such, we offer secure, durable and reliable access solutions that help support commercial activities of all kinds.

Accredited Access Solutions

Our focus on quality workmanship and client satisfaction means our access platforms and gantries deliver on both safety and efficiency. Significant benefits include:

Optimal Safety

Safety is a primary concern when working at height, and our access platforms and gantries are constructed with optimal security in mind. Exceptional quality is the central characteristic of our access solutions, and this fact is reflected in our achievement of the EN 1090-2 accreditation.

Improved Access & Productivity

Whether you require access to high level buildings, utilities, plants, vehicles or anything else, our access platforms and gantries make it safe and easy to work at various heights. As a result, our platforms eliminate the time involved in taking temporary health and safety measures, improving productivity in the process.

Custom Fabrication

CABE offers the technical expertise needed to fabricate access solutions that meet the requirements that matter to you. With many years of practical experience behind us, our team can work alongside you to deliver a bespoke solution to suit every need and budget.

Minimising Risk

Working at height often brings along inherent risks for employees and employers alike. Having the right technical equipment at your disposal makes all the difference in minimising those risks, providing a safer and more productive environment in which to work. Our access platforms and gantries offer just that.

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