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Lazy Susan / Rotary Turntables

Rotary turntables – sometimes referred to as Lazy Susans – are widely used throughout many different areas of manufacturing. Providing an easy way to load or discharge products as part of a production line, rotary turntables enhance productivity in a cost-effective way.

CABE offers a wealth of expertise in delivering rotary turntables tailored to our clients’ individual needs. Making use of the equipment, you can ensure products are effectively accumulated and replenished, improving the efficiency of your picking and packing process.

Standard and Bespoke Rotary Turntables

Our team offers rotary turntables to suit every client brief. Designed and constructed to the highest technical standards, our rotary turntables offer:

Hygienic Product Handling

Hygienic product throughput is a crucial component of many manufacturing sectors, but it is especially significant to the work of food processors. The innovative design of our rotary turntables makes cleaning and maintenance simple and straightforward, helping you comply with the strictest regulations regarding food hygiene.

Cost-Effective Sortation

Our rotary turntables present a cost-effective way of feeding or sorting products at various stages, whether that be at the end of the product line or as part of an integrated system. Their durable, stainless steel construction helps deliver lasting efficiency as part of your production line.

Flexible Application

The flexibility of rotary turntables means they can be used to support the operations of businesses working across industries. From food manufacturers to pharmaceutical companies and everything in between, our products are an immensely valuable addition to any manufacturing process.

A Tailored Solution For Every Requirement

The entirety of our product line can be made bespoke according to the individual needs of your business, and our rotary turntables are no exception. We understand that not every production process functions in exactly the same way. As such, our team’s design engineering expertise allows us to turn your specific commercial needs into a reality. 

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