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Seasoning Systems

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Product flavouring goes a long way in maximising the full potential of all manner of foods. As such, the CABE team is constantly working to develop new and exciting ways to make the seasoning process that much more effective and convenient.

Our cutting-edge seasoning systems ensure that the controlled application of powders, coatings, oils and other flavourings is easier than ever before. Drawing on many years’ worth of practical experience within the sector, our products are capable of exceeding the strictest requirements in the industry today.

Exceptional Product Seasoning Solutions

Our expertise sees us deliver exceptional product seasoning solutions that reflect the quality of your products. The many benefits offered by our seasoning systems include:

Hygienic Excellence

Impeccable hygiene is paramount to every aspect of food production. In line with the rest of our product range, CABE’s seasoning systems have been specifically developed to offer full hygienic control at all times. Easy to clean and maintain, we can help you deliver unmistakable flavour time and time again.

Unparalleled Accuracy

A high level of accuracy drives both the reduction of waste and the consistency of product quality. Our seasoning systems make it easy to apply flavourings and oils evenly, helping you make the most of the seasonings at your disposal.

Reliability and Efficiency

Our products’ durable construction means food manufacturers enjoy long-lasting functionality no matter the specific application or product. Whether you’re enhancing the flavour of snacks, vegetables, meats, cereals or anything else, our technology helps you do so with the utmost efficiency and reliability.

Greater Control

Food safety regulations require food processors to be in complete control of their manufacturing output. Through ensuring added flavourings are correctly applied throughout every stage of the process, we offer greater control of the decisions that matter to you.

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