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Tipping and Feeding Applicators

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Expertly designed to fulfil a wide range of tipping and feeding applications, our bespoke tipping and feeding solutions can be tailored entirely to your unique manufacturing process. Offering exceptional quality, accuracy, reliability and hygiene, CABE can help revolutionise your product processing capabilities.

No matter the complexities of your production environment, we can deliver tipping and feeding applicators suited to any container or product. From dolavs to octabins and everything in between, the CABE team offers a solution to every processing challenge.

Industry-Leading Tipping & Feeding Solutions

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CABE is proud to supply high-quality tipping and feeding solutions to major food suppliers and the manufacturing industry as a whole. Our products see manufacturers benefit from:

Exceptional Hygiene

Hygiene takes centre stage throughout our entire product offering. As such, our tipping and feeding applicators help you adhere to even the most stringent food safety regulations. Both their fully-welded construction and the absence of crevasses help to minimise hygiene risks whilst simultaneously providing straightforward cleaning and maintenance.

Flexible Processing Capabilities

Production lines can take on many forms. In recognition of that fact, our team is able to design, construct and install custom tipping and feeding applicators to suit your manufacturing needs. That flexible approach benefits clients working across industries and markets.

Increased Productivity

We understand that productivity is a crucial component of the manufacturing process. For that reason, our products are designed to help you drive productivity at every opportunity. Through reducing the need for manual interaction with your processing system, CABE’s tipping and feeding solutions help to increase production efficiency and save valuable resources.

Maximum Safety

Secure product processing is a minimum requirement of any safe production environment. Our tipping and feeding applicators are constructed in accordance with strict health and safety standards, enabling manufacturers to process products effectively while safeguarding the wellbeing of their employees. 

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