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Vibratory Conveyors

Vibratory Conveyor








Vibratory conveyors are used across the manufacturing industry to transport bulk materials effectively through the use of vibration. At CABE, we provide a variety of vibratory conveyors to suit your specific manufacturing requirements, placing a particular emphasis on hygiene, flexibility and efficiency.

Conveyors that make use of vibratory technology offer a number of significant benefits. Aside from offering exceptional hygiene and low maintenance, vibratory conveyors are also incredibly flexible in their functionality.

As a result, vibratory conveyors are used for many different purposes relevant to the production process. Whether you’re looking to transport, dewater, dose, spread or feed the materials in question, our product range offers a solution for each of these applications and more.

Our Products

The CABE team provides high-quality vibratory conveyors for a variety of usages and industries. Our product range includes:

Scarf Conveyor

Ideally suited to the application of seasonings and toppings, our scarf conveyors are a crucial component of the food production line. 

Offering precision seasoning and feeding capabilities, our scarf conveyors have been entirely designed according to the key principles of hygiene, flexibility and efficiency.

Spigot Discharge Conveyor

Spigot discharge conveyors offer manufacturers the ability to feed products evenly as part of their wider production line. 

Their design is perfectly suited to processes in which accurate measurements are required, and our team’s technical know-how ensures we deliver high-quality spigot discharge conveyors to suit manufacturers’ every need.

Dewatering Conveyors

Liquids are widely used throughout the food processing industry, common purposes of which include product transport and sanitation. Following the completion of that process, manufacturers are often faced with the challenge of separating the liquid from the materials in question.

Our heavy-duty dewatering conveyors offer manufacturers valuable capabilities on production lines where dewatering is required. Entirely designed and constructed to offer the very best in both hygiene and efficiency, our dewatering conveyors can be utilised for a wide range of industry applications.

Screening Conveyors

Quality control is critical to any manufacturing process, and nowhere is it more important than in the food industry. Manufacturers are constantly on the lookout for ways to deliver the highest quality standards efficiently and effectively, and our dedicated screening conveyors fulfil that very purpose.

Screening conveyors automate quality management by separating substandard or defective products without the need for manual intervention. In turn, they significantly increase the efficiency of your production line and reduce the occurrence of human errors, strengthening the quality of your output further.

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