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Bespoke Machinery & Fabrication

No commercial venture is created equally, and every business faces unique challenges of its own. With this in mind, CABE offers a bespoke machinery and fabrication service capable of capturing your technical requirements down to the smallest detail.

Tailored Technical Solutions

CABE's portfolio includes bespoke fabrication work for some of the leading companies in the market today, including major blue chip organisations. Our bespoke machinery and fabrication service is characterised by:

A Client-Oriented Approach

Your aims and requirements are central in delivering a bespoke solution that's right for you. Our team combines many years' worth of technical knowledge with a client-oriented approach, helping our clients achieve their objectives time and time again.

Covering a broad range of engineering disciplines, CABE offers personalised, bespoke and practical solutions based on defined project characteristics. Whatever technical solution you're looking for, we can work alongside you to turn your needs into a tangible product.

Exceptional Quality and Expertise

Having worked with countless clients both within the UK and overseas, the experience offered by the CABE team spans an array of industries and markets. From manufacturers to pharmaceutical companies and everything in between, we can fabricate a solution for a diverse range of applications.

Our clients benefit from a proven track record and quality workmanship backed by an ISO 9001 accreditation, which recognises quality management in the design, manufacture and installation of fabricated components. As a result, our bespoke machinery and fabrication service ensures your project is placed in expert hands – providing peace of mind in the process.

Flexibility and Adaptability

From fully custom-built machinery to industry-standard fabrications with minor adaptations, our services are highly flexible and adaptable. Our aim is to deliver a tailored product that is ideally suited to your desired application, ensuring that no task is too large or small.

We fabricate your desired product with an eye on quality, regulatory compliance, health and safety, helping you meet customer needs in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Enquire Today

If you'd like to find out more about any of the products or services offered by CABE, don't hesitate to get in touch with us today. Call one of our team members on +44(0)116 276 0938, send us an email via or complete our contact form.