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Factory Site Surveys

Businesses may choose to relocate a production facility with the aim of upscaling, downsizing or centralising their operations. Whatever the case, carrying out a detailed assessment of a factory site is crucial to managing risk and safeguarding your commercial interests.

Our Service

The team at CABE offers significant experience conducting factory site surveys on behalf of our clients. Our service helps your business to:

Minimise Risk

Risk reduction is one of the key advantages of a factory site survey. Through carrying out the relevant surveys, you'll enjoy a detailed view of the site in question prior to relocating – reducing the likelihood of unexpected obstacles or surprises.

Whether the risk relates to health and safety, cost control or anything else, the surveys offered by CABE can help you anticipate challenges and formulate the timely solutions needed to address them.

Ensure a More Efficient Relocation

The successful establishment or relocation of a factory is often challenging and complex. Our factory site surveys are aimed at offering you access to the right information at the right time, helping to make the process more straightforward.

From detailing relevant limitations and potential hazards to determining the overall suitability of the site for your business needs, putting the right preparations in place can go a long way in ensuring your factory relocation is completed as smoothly as possible.

Eliminate Unnecessary Costs

Planning is key to managing the costs associated with a factory relocation. Without the right preparation, your business may be faced with unexpected and unnecessary costs. Conducting a survey will help you gain insight into the full extent of the move, helping you to better determine whether the chosen site is entirely fit for use.

CABE's surveying services can support you in decreasing project duration, minimising rework and improving on-site safety. Furthermore, our team's focus on providing a bespoke service means that your commercial needs play a central role throughout the process.

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