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The hygienic and efficient processing of vegetables plays a vital role in driving the success of the UK food sector. Building on an extensive track record in the industry, our products enable manufacturers to deliver a high-quality end product in a commercially friendly way.

Delivering a range of technical solutions including a variety of conveyors, tipping and feeding applicators and more, CABE's product range can help reimagine your current approach to vegetable processing.

Hygienic Processing Made Easy

Hygiene takes centre stage throughout the manufacturing sector, but it is especially important in the case of raw product handling. At CABE, we design and construct our products to meet and exceed the strictest hygiene standards, simultaneously delivering durability and cost-effectiveness. We offer:

Solutions Tailored to Your Production Line

Aside from delivering ready-for-use manufacturing equipment of all shapes and sizes, each of the products provided by CABE can be tailored to the needs of your production line. 

Whether you're looking to cater to different handling applications, improve integration with your current process or customise a solution to suit your spatial requirements, our specialist engineers offer a solution.

Quality That Lasts

Ensuring efficient product throughput in the long term places significant demands on the manufacturing equipment at your disposal. Whether it concerns a conveyor, tipping and feeding applicator, turntable or anything else, our clients are safe in the knowledge that CABE products are built to last.

Durable construction helps your business process vegetable products effectively with minimal downtime and maintenance, positively impacting both client satisfaction and commercial success.

Unmatched Flexibility

Flexibility is key in making the most of your manufacturing capabilities. Our conveyors are highly flexible in their application and can be adapted for use with tensioned, troughed, flat, inclined and Z-belts, ensuring that no application is out of reach.

Whichever solution you need, we can help you transfer vegetable products and associated waste materials gently, efficiently and hygienically time and time again.

Enquire Today

If you'd like to find out more about any of the products or services offered by CABE, don't hesitate to get in touch with us today. Call one of our team members on +44(0)116 276 0938, send us an email via or complete our contact form.