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Snacks are enjoyed by food lovers across the globe. Due to this, manufacturers rely on innovative technical solutions to meet this immense market demand in a cost-effective manner. 

At CABE, our team builds on an extensive track record of providing food manufacturers with the engineering solutions they need to stay competitive. Whichever part of your production line needs strengthening, we can help you deliver the exceptional flavour expected of high-quality snacks.

Snack Production Reimagined

We understand the challenges and our products are explicitly constructed to help our clients overcome them. Throughout our product range, we deliver:

Effortless Integration

Whatever the shape or form of your current production line, the diversity of our product range ensures our products can be integrated. We offer a wide variety of distribution, feed, seasoning and packaging systems as well as platforms and accumulation to ensure you are never without the equipment you need.

From individual equipment to full production lines, we are a one-stop supplier for all your manufacturing and engineering needs. As a result, our clients benefit from in-depth expertise and a personalised service.

Tailored Solutions for Every Manufacturing Environment

Every manufacturing environment comes with its own opportunities and challenges. Apart from delivering standard manufacturing equipment that is ready to use from day one, our team also offers a bespoke service that sees us tailor our solutions to tick the boxes that matter to you. 

Each of our products can be fully customised to meet differing applications. From initial distribution and weighing all the way through to seasoning and product packing, CABE ensures your team is fully supported throughout. 

Exceptional Efficiency & Hygiene

Our products' design and construction lays the groundwork for processing foods with maximum efficiency and hygiene. In turn, our clients benefit from optimal return on investment, reduced labour costs and effortless compliance with regulatory standards. 

At the same time, your customers can enjoy the quality snacks they've come to know and love – driving your profitability in the process.

Enquire Today

If you'd like to find out more about any of the products or services offered by CABE, don't hesitate to get in touch with us today. Call one of our team members on +44(0)116 276 0938, send us an email via or complete our contact form.